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38 chairs signed 3.5 billion order

2021-09-27 管理员 Read 1889

 Nest-shaped bar stools, double back and will sing a multifunctional chair used to form a loop between science and technology and environmental protection breathable material makes chair chair ...... yesterday ended 31st session of the China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair Bo, from Anji of 38 new products just an appearance to attract the domestic and foreign merchants of all ages. Let business owners overjoyed that they are still meeting the cumulative signed orders for 3.5 billion yuan, becoming the largest harvest of this exhibition, the largest area of the order.


Has a "Chinese township chair industry" and "excellent Chinese furniture industry cluster," said Anji chair industry, now has become China's largest production base for office chairs. The base of the chair industry has a total of 758 enterprises, and the formation of office chairs, leisure chairs, bar stools and other seven products. Last year alone, sales revenue reached 26 billion yuan, of which exports to more than 190 countries and regions exports amounted to $ 1.52 billion.


However, in recent years, a dramatic drop in global external demand, how to use the most valuable Furniture Fair in Guangzhou furniture industry and trade show platform to grab more market share, has become the biggest challenge to local government and businesses.


As early as last year, Anji County Development Economic Commission began planning the exhibition hall plan: a "mother house" form, in a prime location to build "Anji chair industry museum" the main hall, so that exhibitors chair industry enterprises set up branches, foreign businessmen into the Main Building on regional brand of Anji chair industry, sales, development trajectory glance, the formation of mother and child peers, combines unified and separate pattern.


At the same time, in order to highlight the concept of the "World chair industry, anji made", sending the main building all the products all the latest research and development, and to predict the secret ballot vote by the experts of the market prospects in order to enter the main hall. This approach led to the innovation of local enterprises tide, have unique skills playing the final 38 carefully selected new models selected for the main building. In this regard, Zhu Changling, China Furniture Association believes Anji chair industry enterprises in this session of the exhibition can dominate, the key is to abandon the traditional product development, lead the way with new products, so that innovative products to guide the market has become the main engine.