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How to identify the safety and quality of the seat?

2021-09-27 管理员 Read 1185

The society is constantly developing, and people's living standards are constantly enriched. People are no longer confined to material life, but are more seeking a comfortable and comfortable spiritual level. For public recreational spaces, they also yearn for individuality and artistic flavor.

The seat in each space area has a different function. The seats in the park square are a place for people to exercise and rest; compared to public seats such as theater chairs and auditorium chairs, they are more scene-specific.

Seats play such a big role in life, not only provide us with a place to rest, but also play a decorative role. How to identify the quality and safety of seats with a wide variety of seat products on the market? Dianchuang professional seats, as a branded furniture company, teach you how to distinguish!

#1 The carrying capacity of the backrest

A commendable seat, in addition to having a good appearance, performance is also important!

The backrest of the seat carries the back and spine of our human body. We should pay more attention to this link. When we sit down, we can feel the bearing capacity and stability of the seat. For seats with poor quality, the backrest will make an abnormal noise when sitting on the backrest, and it will shake slightly.

In addition, the height of the backrest also has a certain impact on our sitting comfort. It can be seen that a good chair performance is very important.

#2 The comfort of the cushion

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The cost of a good cushion will definitely be relatively high.

For example, auditorium chairs and theater chairs are made of high-density and high-resilient foam, and the cushion has a good feeling of thickness and a concave curve. The mesh seat cushion is conducive to heat dissipation and more comfortable. There is a sense of comfort called forgetting your buttocks! This sentence describes it appropriately.

#3 The stability of the chassis and casters

The choice of seat materials is very important. Poor-quality materials can make seat products extremely unstable and safety will be greatly compromised. Find a stable place to see if it will tilt.

#4Quality Inspection Report

The regular seat manufacturer will have a formal quality inspection report, printed with the logo of the relevant department for verification!

Dianchuang’s series of seat products meet national standards and use high-quality materials to ensure high-quality products, safe and stable performance, and create a more comfortable and harmonious social environment space.

As a manufacturer in the furniture industry, Dianchuang Professional Seats has rich experience in production and installation, and can provide one-stop seat services!