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How can "Chi-made" good seat?

2021-09-27 管理员 Read 1841

Gone through over 30 years of Anji chair industry is in the transformation and upgrading of key nodes, the industry long-term in imitation and "copy" of the low-end chain phenomenon forward high value-added, high-end creative "Chi-made" change, known as the "industrial development winning weapon," the industrial design, or will become chair of the most important industry in transition.


It can produce high value-added, multi-seat performance? Or what kind of chair is a good seat? What is the role of industrial design in the process?


Recently, on the above topic on the County Development Industry Association of Zhejiang Province Economic and Trade Commission and chair of the industrial design jointly organized matchmaking exchange, the province of experts, designers and county furniture industry entrepreneurs to exchange, discuss, try to in a transition Period Anji chair industry to find some inspiration, some breakthroughs.


Health is the theme


ROTH Jian (Deputy Director, Industrial Design Department, Zhejiang University, doctoral tutor): the first seat emphasizes functionality, and then they go to the ergonomics of the seat, but the two stages of the production design of the seat, did not emphasize sitting It is healthy, so that people in more than 10 hours per day sitting, complicated by frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation and other diseases, and even with a view of the chair has become "the first killer of modern health."


All questions can be summed up, enjoying the health industry has become a common direction chair again upgrade, Anji chair industry made a timely manner, "Anji chair industry reap the health" of industrial development concept, it is consistent with the development trend of the moment.


So, if there is a seat on the market today? To be sure, not yet. Therefore, we must emphasize the strategy of industrial design as a starting point, only in various design aspects of injecting healthy Desks concept to design to sell the majority of user acceptance, and to reap the health of seats.


From industrial design to "user + design + technology + business + culture" for the integration of innovative models, integration "technology-driven design" and "user-driven design," Lean design, modular design method development and design of the seat with a healthy function of intellectual property rights, a product family.


In this process, the regional industry but also create green, environmentally friendly and sustainable seating product consumer culture, through application of the model to drive the industry and to enhance the overall development of the industry, and took the opportunity to participate in international competition, and enhance the regional traditional furniture manufacturing international Competitiveness.


Jin Chang Po (Design Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Reid, founder of the Ten Outstanding Chinese Designer): design inspiration comes from consumer demand insight, thus we have to design a very favored by the market. " side too. "hoods.


The kitchen is heavy fumes region, in order to completely eliminate the fumes plagued us in the "side too" near suction hood design process, through the air inlet down, so the fumes, air inlet, fan first arranged in a straight line on so that the formation of soot in the beginning, before the proliferation was sucked into the air in a file installed smoke board, the real person and health experience fume zero-touch.


Simple and beautiful appearance design bears under a "tough" the health experience, this is the power of design, this model can be replicated to the furniture industry come, Desks design and its place has the same purpose, all designs should be based on the user Consider the experience of a user sitting long time, if need exercise to relieve fatigue, how kind of arm, back, seat cushion best meet the needs of users, which should become the key point Seats are healthy.


Shiyuan Yuan (Heng Lin chair industry designer): The seat design process, we have been exploring, what price, what kind of designed to meet the market demand, had been selling Heng Lin siesta chair office chair a partial solution to the user for lunch issue comfort.


But we design products mostly static products, users and products do not form interaction, the direction of future research and development must be dynamic, allowing users to simplicity, aesthetically Desks, both to enjoy the comfort of a static posture, exercise can also use the handrail , but also lay down leisure, these are the direction we are striving for.


Wisdom is the trend


ROTH KAM: Internet, mobile technology has changed people's way of life, life wisdom implant industry has become a big trend in the future life.


When people use a lot of time in the mobile Internet, shopping, computer office, we ignore an important point: the wisdom of furniture. According to "2012--2020 China's smart home market trends and investment opportunities analysis," is expected from 2012 to 2020, the annual growth rate of smart furniture will reach 25% in 2015 to reach 124 billion yuan, in 2020 to reach 357.6 billion yuan. Such a huge market, Anji chair industry is no reason not to share.


In today's fast-paced environment, at the end of a busy day's work, can be treated under relaxed state of mind all kinds of mental work outside the movement, people need a very wise, high-tech Desks, this can help people Desks complete blood pressure, blood sugar and other health management consulting, Internet access, micro-letters, e-mail and other information processing, curtains, air conditioning, light switches and other intelligent control, as well as registration, home theater and other types of integration classes operate.


Desks a wisdom that allows us to continuously improve the quality of life, so that family life is also gradually integrated into the information society. At the same time, wisdom furniture can also cause changes in service mode. R & D center in the wisdom of the furniture will be different needs for a household items, supporting the production of products, and through the wisdom of furniture manufacturing, distribution, OTO model sales, driven service model to change the whole industry.


Jin Chang Po: Last year, we designed a product called "2 square meters," the children learn furniture products, this product has now been recognized by the market. The design of market positioning children, through design allows all school supplies to get the most reasonable layout within two square meters of space, is the focus of this design.


Successful design, not only in aesthetic design, but also because of the successful transformation of the commercial value, we take full account of the child's height, color of sensory learning, the use of safety tables, lamps and other items, allowing users to get the ultimate experience, this design is a wise and practical.


But we in the design process, can not find one with "2 m2" match a child seat, if the seat to go to Angie's user-oriented design of the road, dedicated to the production and future trends consistent product, That would be to lead the market development, "Chinese good seat."